We're a small team of change makers that focuses on bringing to life complex ideas and innovation
Digital Valley's technologies are used by a vast variety of industries and companies all over the Country.
What We Do
Application Development
Cloud Computing
System Engineering and Integration
Web Services
What We Engineered
Openpage CMS is a content management system developed and maintained by our engineers.
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Akoma HMS is an innovative end to end , paperless electronic health management software.
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An enterprise information management system designed specifically for tertiary institutions.
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Enterprise level point of sales and retailing system. Cashless transactions enabled.
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Meet The Team
Chief Developer
Richard Essuman
Chief Business Executive
Mark Valentine Aikins
Chief Technical Engineer
Abraham Arhin
A : P.O. Box AD 640 , Cape Coast
T : +233 - 024-254-5363 , +233 - 050-228-8787 , +233 - 024-499-0307
E : info@digitalvalleygh.com
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